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cyber security
Cyber security

Completely manage your Cyber risks using risk management methodologies. Incorporating full assessments, custom design and implementation, training, 24/7 real time monitoring and response capabilities.

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homeland security
Homeland security

Best in industry systems designed and used globally to combat real world terror threats. A complete ‘safe city’ infrastructure, using layers of cutting edge technology to keep you safe and your assets secure.

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Liability insurance

Liability insurance provides an element of ultimate risk management and end protection to your organisation. With current legislative pro-activity, Cyber insurance is now a must-have in most organisations.

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Central banks, stock exchanges, banks, investment firms, forex, fintech and more.


Critical Infrastructure, military, police, ambulance, fire and other emergency services. Renewable energy, electricity, water, resources, mining, waste management and more.


Hospitals, research centers, clinics, medical devices, bio tech and more.


Universities, schools, training centres, and language schools.


Airports and aviation, Ports and shipping, international trade, cargo and human logistics, automotive, automation and more.

Manufacturing & Retail

Automotive, agriculture, construction, chemical, pharmaceutical, technology to name a few. As well as  retail chains, franchises, FMCG, eCommerce, and other retail businesses.

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