Founded on 20+ years of Israeli battle-hardened, cutting-edge technologies.

Global Cyber Standards’ global footprint stretches from Cyprus in Europe, Israel, South Africa to Panama and Singapore. Our global presence is a key enabler in bringing us to the forefront of the security arena.

Pivoting off our experience in Intelligence, Research & Development, Homeland Security, Cyber Security and Warfare, our team of risk managers not only brings tested and robust but, dynamic and tangible solutions to our clientele.

Global Cyber Standards’s core experience is in bringing both qualitative yet quantitative solutions to the European arena, with expertise in Defense, Government, Critical Infrastructure, and Enterprise.

We pride ourselves in delivering best in business security with tailored solutions to each of our client’s specific needs, risks and business operations.

In a nutshell

Your trusted security partner - Gold N' Links

As a part of Global Cyber Standards Group, we operate in Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America


Airports and aviation, ports and shipping, international trade, cargo and human logistics, automotive, automation and more.


Central banks, stock exchanges, banks, investment firms, fund managers, asset/wealth managers, family offices, forex, fintech, insurance providers and more.


Hospitals, research centers, clinics, medical practices, pharmacies, medical devices, biotech and more.


Critical infrastructure, military, police, ambulance, fire and other emergency services. Renewable energy, electricity, water, resources, mining, waste management and more.


Universities, schools, training centres, and language schools.

Manufacturing & Retail

Automotive, agriculture, construction, chemical, pharmaceutical, technology to name a few. As well as  retail chains, franchises, FMCG, eCommerce, and other retail businesses.

How we operate

The Global Cyber Standards team provides a trident of solutions in Homeland Security, Cyber Security and Insurance.

We are not a product based company. Rather, we pride ourselves in providing together with our extensive list of partners, best in industry solutions to meet our clients’ needs and demands.

Our independence means that we are not restricted by one product or by a solutions technological constraints.

We use a multifaceted approach which enables us to stay at the forefront of what we consider to be an ever-evolving life cycle.

We pride ourselves on, ‘linking our clients to success’.

Our solution includes

Security assessments
Risk management
Incident response
R & D

Partner with us and together we will manage your risks.