Cisco deletes Meraki customer data in config bungle, unsure what info is lost.

According to itnews, “network equipment giant Cisco has owned up to an embarrassing blunder for its Meraki management platform that has led to customer data being deleted in the service offering’s cloud storage.

Cisco said its Meraki engineers made a configuration change error on the North American object storage service.

“On August 3rd, 2017, our engineering team made a configuration change that applied an erroneous policy to our North American object storage service and caused certain data uploaded prior to 11:20AM Pacific time on August 3 to be deleted,” Cisco said.

Lost data includes customer Meraki dashboard custom splash page themes and organisation logos, floor plans, and device placement photos.

Custom enterprise apps in the Cisco Meraki System Manager have also been deleted, as have user voice menus, music on hold, contact images and voice mail greetings.

Customers are advised to wait while Cisco engineers work to rectify the error before uploading new data to the Meraki service.

The company said it is working out what tools it can build to help customers identify the data they have lost from the Cisco Meraki cloud.

Cisco’s Meraki service is a cloud-based management platform for networking devices, security cameras, and mobility as well as security appliances.

The Westfield chain of shopping malls and Accor Hotels are among Cisco Meraki customers.”

For the full article please see here: itnews

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