GNL Cyber launches South African operation

Reported by Hi-Tech Security Solutions Magazine, Aug 2017: “Gold N’ Links Cyber (GNL) has established its presence in South Africa. Its launch event at its new Johannesburg offices in July was attended by a variety of dignitaries, key leaders in business, as well as VIPs such as the outgoing Israeli Ambassador.

GNL is part of the global Gold N’ Links group, headquartered in Israel, where the company provides next generation cybersecurity solutions, services and training in cooperation with a variety of cybersecurity companies, as well as leading tertiary institution, Ariel University, with its a focus on cybercrime training and human resource development.

Locally, the company is headed by Dr Graham Wright, previously CEO of Business Against Crime South Africa, and consultant to the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa. The local team includes Roi Shaposhnik who is responsible for international business development and who travels between Israel and South Africa, as well as Jim Green, the chief technical officer.

Like its head office in Israel, GNL offers a full portfolio of cyber-security services and training opportunities to customers. While both services are run from South Africa, they are linked to the cyber experts in Israel to ensure that the latest information, intelligence, skills and training materials are made available locally.”

At the launch of Gold N’ Links South Africa, from left to right (photo above from Hi-Tech Security Solutions Magazine) : Roi Shaposhnik (GNL Cyber), JB Bloch (PSG), Ambassador Arthur Lenk (Israel), Itai Melchoir (Head of Israeli Trade & Economic Office). Front: Yacoov Haran (CEO of Triple Cyber, Israel).

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