Every organization is exposed to a myriad of risks whether they are operational, legal, IT, security, internal or external risks, to name a few. In addition to this inherent risk, an organization’s strategy further complicates the level and types of risk exposures. GCS’s exposure to critical risk in industries such as government agencies (e.g. policing, intelligence), semi-government agencies, critical infrastructure (e.g. electricity, water supply), military, airports, ports, education, healthcare, financial services, etc. enables us to epitomise the core principles of risk management.

GCS implements its risk management services on both a qualitative and quantitative approach to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients. GCS believes that this methodology is most effective in tackling the risks and exposures at hand in order to align risk management with both business strategies and regulatory compliance. Historically, security and IT were mere add-ons to business operations. With the evolution of risks, especially cyber risks, we are now able to align for the first time, IT and IT security with regulatory compliance, risk management and business strategy. We achieve this through our multi-disciplinary team of specialists in cyber security, physical security, law and risk management.


GCS offers field-proven concepts and solutions drawn from leading experts from its portfolio of alliance partners. These are GCS’s core differentiators. GCS provides complete life-cycle services to address real world threats through its network of alliance partners, in real time. Our security solutions are designed to enable the organisation to close the operational gap from detection to interception in order to eliminate any threat.

risk management

We provide all aspects of risk management and reporting, including the development of policies and procedures, identification of needs, training and support.

GCS offers Risk Management from A to Z, in both the Cyber and Homeland Security arenas. GCS adheres to global and industry best practice and facilitates risk management, business continuity and disaster management. This is accomplished via our diverse team of experts with specialised experience in areas of cyber security, physical security, law and risk management.

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